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Take heed, watch and pray,
for you do not know when the time is…
Mark 13:32-37


In the verses above, Jesus was answering His disciples’ questions in such a profound way that it has prompted millennia of study, countless interpretations, books, sermons, end-times charts and more.

Today, with all of the global chaos taking place, even more attention is being given to this same subject of the
end-times and Christ’s return. And understandably so.

However, the human tendency to make the subject of end times overly complicated can lead to missing the entire point of what Jesus was telling His followers. This may be why Jesus
repeats a particular phrase three times (which is always a scriptural indicator of something very important):


  • Watch and pray (v. 33)
  • Watch therefore (v.35)
  • I say to all: Watch! (v.37)


Watch for What?

By definition, the word
watch means to be alert, sober and vigilant about what is happening around us. But in this context, it means a great deal more than simply observing the latest news or adjusting our predictions about the future.  We can observe a lot with our natural eyes. But there is much more to see and know and do when we focus in with our spiritual eyes (Ep 1:18).

Here are three helpful points of focus for our spiritual eyes in these days:


  1. Focus our Faith
  2. Focus our Hearts
  3. Focus our Actions


Focus our Faith – God has given us both natural and spiritual eyes to see the world and the people around us. He has also provided us with powerful corrective lenses of His Word to help us see clearly and stay aligned with His vision. Be reminded and refreshed in these views from the Bible:


  • That the world and its ways are passing away (1Jn 2:15-17).
  • That all people are sinners in need of salvation (Ro 3:23).
  • That our God, out of love, has provided for that salvation (Jn 3:16),
  • And anyone who truly believes in Jesus as the Son shall be saved (Ac 2:21).
  • That the harvest of human lives is ripe and ready (Jn 3:35).
  • That Jesus really is coming again for all those who know Him (Jn 14:1-3).


And if we believe these things to be true,
what should we then be about?


We will continue with the other two Focus points in Wednesday's newsletter!


Hoping in Him
with you,

Dr. Frank and Wendy Parrish,

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