Restring Magic Attic Club Dolls

Step 4: Attach the Head and Legs


This first photo shows how we're going to run the cord inside the doll body. Using the leg that has the LONG piece of cord, you will run the cord up to the head and back down to the other leg. Then you will tie the two cords together: and the head and legs will be attached again. It's not hard to do. 

But FIRST, you need to prep the head. There are three possible situations... 



Above is a photo of two different Magic Attic heads. Some of the older MAC dolls have a long piece of cord hanging down from the head. Other dolls have a short loop of cord. Whatever your doll has, you can use what's there. If the cord is real long (like the Keisha doll on the left side of the photo) then tie it a little shorter and trim off the extra. Also remove any cable ties that might be attached. 


If the loop inside the head is short (like the Heather doll on the right side of the photo), then catch the loop with your hemostats and secure it with a piece of cord or ribbon until you're ready to work with it. 


Or, you may have a situation where you can't use the original pieces inside the head at all. If that's the case, remove any pieces that are inside the head. Make sure nothing is rattling around in there.

Then, use the plastic hook piece that is included with your Stringing Kit. You only need to use this hook if the original head pieces are unusable. 


Attach a ribbon to the metal hook so you won't lose the piece inside the head.



Then push it inside the neck hole. It's a firm fit but it does slide in easily. Sometimes it helps to use pliers if fingers are getting in the way. 


Now that you've prepped the head, it's time to attach the legs. 


This photo shows (again) how we're going to run the cord inside the doll body.


Using the leg that has the LONG piece of cord, run the cord up to the head, thread it through the LOOP or HOOK in the doll's head.



Then push the cord back down to the other leg. Hemostats are very helpful at this time, or you can use needlenose pliers to grab the cords. 



Then tie the cord to the other leg. It needs to be very snug. You might want an extra pair of hands to help when you tie the cord so you can get it tight. Sometimes it's hard to hang onto everything AND tie a good double or triple knot. 


I like to tie it three times, and make the knot tight. You can also apply some Elmer's Glue, to make sure the knot doesn't slip or unravel later. Don't use superglue because it might damage the cord. 

Trim off extra cord but don't trim it close to the knot: leave at least an inch of cord.


Push the cord and the loose ends inside the doll body. Now the head and legs are attached to the body!


(c) Copyright 2018 Cynthia A Stevens all rights reserved.