Restring Magic Attic Dolls

Step 3: Prepare the Limbs

Make sure the limbs are dry and there are no pieces rattling around inside. If you can't get some of the pieces out, then she'll just have to rattle. Or you can push some polyfill inside the hole to stop the rattle (polyfill is pillow stuffing.)  But it's best to get the rattley-bits out of there if you can. 

mac1 intro02

Now it's time to insert cord and wing nuts in each of the limbs, so we can put the doll back together. 

  • Cut 3 pieces of elastic cord that are 8 or 9 inches long.
  • Cut 1 piece of elastic cord that is 14-16 inches long.

The short pieces are for the arms and one leg (doesn't matter which leg.)  The longer piece is for one of the legs. 

mac3 limbs01

Trim cord at an angle and push the wingnut on the cord. Trimming it at an angle makes it easier to get it started through the hole on the wing nut. You can even twist or screw the wing nut onto the cord. It's a tight fit and will require some coaxing. 

When a little bit of the cord pokes through the other side of the wing nut hole, grab it with your pliers and pull it through. It's a VERY snug fit: it needs to be snug so the knot won't slip through the hole in the wingnut. 

Once you are able to pull on the cord, it will stretch out a little and the wing nut will slide very easily down the cord when it is stretched. 

mac3 limbs02

Slide the wing nut down the cord and then tie a heavy double knot in the end of the cord. Make sure the knot is tight. 

Notice the direction that the wing nut is arranged on the cord. The "wings" are aimed away from the knot. This is important, because when you pull back on the cord, the widest part of the wing nut will brace against the vinyl. It's less likely to slip out again if the wing nut is positioned like this.

mac3 limbs03

Push the knot into the arm or leg hole first.

mac3 limbs04

Then, slide the wing nut down the cord and push it inside the limb. You will slide one "wing" in the hole first, and then the other wing. You may want to use your needlenose pliers to maneuver, but the wing nut does slide into the hole without much difficulty.

mac3 limbs05

Once the wing nut is inside, pull on the cord until it's snug and the wing nut is up against the knot. 

mac3 limbs06

Do all four limbs the same way. 

Then arrange the limbs where they need to be: left side and right side. Double check to make sure you've got it right.


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