PrillyCharmin's Method for
Restringing Magic Attic Dolls!


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In these tutorial pages you will learn how to restring the entire doll, OR restring only the head and arms (if the legs are OK.)

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You will need some basic tools: a small pliers, a needlenose pliers, a pair of scissors and a hemostat in the 6, 7 or 8 inch size. Hemostats are not essential but they definitely make restringing easier to do. You can buy them on ebay for very little cost.

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The PrillyCharmin Stringing Kit includes 4mm stringing cord, 10-32 stainless steel wingnuts, a plastic neck hook and a wood bead. These odd items can be difficult to find. The wingnuts alone cost $4.50 at the hardware store, so my stringing kits are a good buy.

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You may purchase the stringing kit on this website, or in our eBay store:
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The Stringing Instructions in this tutorial are specifically for Magic Attic Club dolls, which were made for many years by Knickerbocker and then by Marie Osmond's doll company MARIAN LLC.

Disclaimer: We do want to advise you that we're not experts. These methods work for us, but may not work as well for you. Anytime you're working on old dolls, there's a risk involved.

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