TOOL KIT for Restringing BABY FACE Dolls

$14.95 each

TOOL KIT for Restringing BABY FACE Galoob Dolls: Pliers, Wire, Hemostats & Wood Cone

Are you going to restring your Baby Face Galoob dolls using the PrillyCharmin Pop-Bead method? These tools will be very helpful:

  • Small PLIERS is needed for tugging the plugs out of the vinyl pieces. These strong little pliers are very helpful for many things. I'm constantly using mine, and not just for dolls. 

  • Florist WIRE is also used for removing the plugs (check out our new updated instructions for this new method!) 

  • 7" Hemostats are my favorite size for working with medium to large dolls. Hemostats aren't useful for heavy pulling (that's what the pliers are for) but they are needed for grabbing inside the vinyl pieces.

  • Wood Cone is very helpful for gently stretching vinyl so it's easier to get inside small pieces. 

I use all these tools when working with my Baby Face dolls. In addition to these helpful tools, you will also need a pair of scissors (not included.)  This kit saves you some by buying them together, as well as assembling some hard-to-find items for you.