Baby Face

Van Horn

I collect Baby Face dolls. I collect the “fixer-uppers” of the Baby Face world. Mint-in-the-box dolls are not nearly so much fun to me, because for some reason I feel as if I should keep them pristine and not mess with them. And what I really like to do is fix them up, mess with their hair, and dress them up! And that’s what I set out to do.

There are lots of pictures around the web of the Baby Faces – excellent pictures, both of the all-original mint dolls and of restored ones (check out the Baby Face Links for some examples). The problem for a poor distracted Baby Face Hairdresser is that most of these pictures don’t give a clear enough view of the original hairstyle to let you reproduce it. In many of the pictures, the Baby Face is wearing a hat or visor or hair band that covers up the parts and layout of the hair. In most, the doll is face-on (makes sense, right?). But what a Baby Face Hairdresser really needs is clear pictures of the hairstyle without hats or other impediments, and from all angles, especially the top!

The goal of this site is to collect such pictures, showing the doll’s original hairstyles clearly, to aid restorers in getting the original cute do’s back in place.

The point of this site is to take off the hat, visor, or whatever else obscures the view, and take pictures! Front, top, side and back views. Show the part. Lift up the ponytails and show what’s underneath, if necessary. That said, I do not myself have few mint, original dolls. Most of the dolls in these pictures were fixer-uppers, restored to my best approximation of their original hair style.



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