SEWING PATTERN ~ Hedda Get Bedda ~ WHIMSIES plus Thermometer

$6.95 each

Sewing Pattern for Hedda Get Bedda includes Pajamas like her own original outfit. Hedda Get Bedda is one of the Whimsies dolls made by American Character doll company in the 1950's. This listing is for a SEWING PATTERN to make Hedda Get Bedda's pajamas.

This is NOT an old pattern, it's a pattern for making a reproduction outfit for Hedda! (Whimsy, Whimsey, Whimsies, American Character)

Hedda Get Bedda's original PJ's are shown in one of the collage photos, above. There were at least four different cotton prints that we know of, in unicolor pattern of peach or light blue. So it's fairly easy to find fabric that will somewhat resemble her own PJ's. (Or you can go crazy and invent something wild, why not? )

Toy medical accessories are included with the sewing pattern: the toy stethoscope, a small med chart, and most importantly, the toy thermometer perfectly fits the little hole in Hedda's mouth (on her sick face.) (Toys and accessories in the other photos are not included: only the three items shown by themselves, see photo above.)

These are replacement toys, they are not original and they're not old, but we were very lucky to find them!

The sewing pattern is also a replacement item. We have gone to a lot of effort to try to re-outfit the nakey Hedda dolls in this world.

PrillyCharmin's patterns are REAL sewing patterns, on large size paper, that you cut out and use with fabric. Our replacement patterns are similar but not identical to original outfits. Pattern is copyright PrillyCharmin, all rights reserved.

Hedda Get Bedda is one of the Whimsies series from the 1950's, which included 12 outrageous character dolls.