Restring Kit for Magic Attic Dolls

$4.95 each

This listing is for PrillyCharmin's RESTRINGING KIT for repairing Magic Attic Club Dolls. Magic Attic Club Dolls are fairly easy to restring, IMO, but you do need some parts and cords in order to do it. The stringing kit includes all the parts you need to restring 1 doll. 

In some cases the dolls fell apart because the plastic pieces inside were defective: this kit replaces those parts. 

PrillyCharmin's restringing instructions are online with good photos and clear directions. 

If you're not particularly handy, then some of the ladies get their husbands involved (and some of the guys actually enjoy fixing dolls.) You will also need some tools, as pictured in the photos.  (Tools are not included.)  (Dolls are not included.)