Sewing Pattern for Dolls: TIGHTS in 10 Sizes! Very easy to make!

$4.95 each


TIGHTS PATTERN in 10 SIZES: tights are so easy to make! This pattern offers tights in 10 sizes, and each size shows you how to cut for slim, medium or chubby dolls. For dolls up to 18 inches tall, although it would be very easy to add a couple of inches for taller dolls.

This pattern is only for knit fabrics with some stretch in them. 

Now you can make lots of cute tights in stripes, florals or whatever else appeals to your sense of style!

Yes, all PrillyCharmin patterns are REAL sewing patterns, on large size paper, that you cut out and use with fabric. 

UNIQUE PATTERN. Many hours of work went into designing these patterns. We hope you find the pattern useful and helpful.This is a PrillyCharmin exclusive product. Copyright 2009 Cynthia Stevens, all rights reserved.