Pattern-J Cloth Doll Body Sewing Pattern, Jointed Limbs

$6.95 each

Sewing Pattern for Jointed Cloth Doll Bodies
Three sizes included!

This SEWING PATTERN is three-in-one: it has three different patterns to make jointed cloth bodies for the following sizes of dolls:

15-17" Babydoll ~ wears doll clothes
18-20" Babydoll ~ wears Preemie size Clothing
20-21" Babydoll ~ can wear Newborn Clothing

The finished length of the doll depends in part on how the vinyl is designed.

These cloth doll bodies have a beautiful sleek design with good proportions. The arms and legs may be posed very naturally.

The patterns have cloth arms and legs which are jointed using plastic doll joints. Cable ties are used to attach the cloth body to the vinyl doll pieces.

  • The smallest size doll body will wear doll clothes for 16" dolls when completed. You will need 2 of the 35mm joints and 2 of the 45mm joints for the 16" body style.
  • The 20" babydoll needs 2 of the 45mm joints and 2 of the 55mm joints for each doll body. The body for the 20" babydoll wears Preemie size clothing when the doll is finished.
  • The large 22" infant doll body fits the original Apple Valley vinyl doll kits as well as other 22" vinyl doll body kits. When finished, the doll will wear 0-3 months infant clothing, depending on the fit of the clothing. The largest doll body needs 2 of the 55mm joints for the arms and 2 of the 65mm joints for attaching the legs.

STUFFING.The doll bodies can be stiff for sitting dolls or floppy for sleeping babies, depending on the kinds of stuffing used. If you use mostly polyester fiberfill, with some beanbags for weight then the doll sits very well, as shown in the photos. If you use mostly the plastic beans for fill and weighting, then the dolls will be more floppy if it's not packed tight.

(not for doll bodies)

COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS. © 2002 Cynthia A. Stevens and the EDDON Corporation. All rights reserved. This pattern and instructions may not be reproduced for any reason, except by the purchaser for the purpose of one personal backup copy.

REAL PAPER PATTERN. This is a custom pattern, on large size paper. Instructions are provided. However, it is necessary to have some sewing experience/training before using this pattern. The pattern uses conventional sewing techniques. (We do have online instructions with pictures to help you along.)

UNIQUE PATTERN. Months of work went into designing these bodies, and an entire bolt of fabric was used on prototypes. We hope you find the pattern useful and helpful. The cost of the pattern is less than the cost of one ready-made doll body.

Our doll models are Berenguer dolls. "Dolls by Berenguer" is a trademark and copyright of JC Toys Inc. and this product is not affiliated with JC Toys in any way. Apple Valley dolls are a copyright/trademark of Apple Valley Doll Works and this product is not associated with Apple Valley Doll Works in any way.

This listing includes:
1 Sewing Pattern "J"

(Dolls, Joints & Accessories are not included.)