Raggedy Red Yarn Doll Wig Size 12-13

$3.95 each

Raggedy Red Yarn Wig Size 12-13 This is a red yarn wig for making rag dolls. It's a very nice true red (not an orange red), depending on your monitor the color of the wig might not be entirely accurate. Some of our Baby Face club members have done some adorable things with red yarn.

  • This size 12-13 is a very good fit for Baby Face Galoob dolls, if the doll has no hair on it's head.
  • If you want to fit the wig OVER the doll's hair, then size 14 is a better choice.

These DOLL WIGS fit dolls with a head circumference of 12 inches. These are good quality red yarn wigs with a stretchy cap. They are size 12. If you're not sure what size your doll wears, then use a tape measure to measure around the doll's head, approximately where the hairline is supposed to be. If the doll's head is 12 inches around, then you need a size 12 wig.