REPAIR KIT for Baby Dollikin - Restring Arms - Uneeda Babydoll

$4.95 each

One Repair Kit for Restringing Baby Dollikin Arms. 

This unique kit will help you put Baby Dollikin's arms back on. Her original construction included metal springs, but when they sproing it's nearly impossible to reassemble. This kit will help you. We don't have a kit for repairing legs. 

Baby Dollikin is a beautiful babydoll by Uneeda that was made in the late 1950's. She has extra joints at elbows, knees and wrists. 

Sometimes Baby Dollikin's arms come off. This RESTRINGING KIT (shown above) includes the cord, washers, spring hooks and PVC tube that are needed to fix Baby Dollikin's arms - using our special instructions. (Instructions for our method are online with photos.)

Our method works very well, so Baby Dollikin is able to hold poses like she was new again. Baby Dollikin by Uneeda is one of the prettiest babydolls of the 1950's.

In addition to the cord and hooks we provide in our kit, you will also need: hemostats (or needlenose pliers), scissors, good craft glue and small pliers.