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PATTERN "V" is a five-in-one sewing pattern for making cloth doll bodies in 5 different sizes. Specifically designed for: vinyl dolls or vinyl doll kits with full vinyl limbs.

  • 19-21" Full-Size Babydolls: Newborn Clothing
  • Chubby Full-Size Babydolls: Newborn Size Clothes 
  • 16-17" Babydolls: Preemie Size Clothes 
  • 15" Babydolls: Preemie Size
  • 14" Babydolls: Doll Clothing Only

There are five body sizes in this pattern.  Does not require plastic doll joints. The vinyl arms, legs and head of the doll are attached to the cloth body using cable ties.

We are especially pleased with the way these cloth bodies allow the arms and legs to move easily. The arms are very posable: they can be moved forward and backward, up or down and if the cable ties are not too snug then the arms can rotate also.

Special pleats at the shoulders and hips allow more freedom of movement. The finished doll is very poseable and flexible. It has almost as much freedom of movement as the cloth-jointed doll bodies. The finished doll is soft, cuddly and the arms and legs move and flop almost like a real infant.

21" NEWBORN SIZE: The body for the large 21" doll wears Preemie or Newborn Small size clothing when the doll is finished. The doll in the photo (above) is wearing a size small Onesie. Our model had long legs; if your vinyl doll kit has short legs then the completed doll will be less than 21 inches. 

20" CHUBBY SIZE: Our model is a very chubby Lots to Love vinyl doll is wearing a size Small infant one-piece. This pattern is for BIG fat dolls. The example doll in the photo has since been discontinued, but you may have a need for a big chubby body sometime.  

17" PREEMIE SIZE: The reborn artists have asked for more flexibility and movement in the doll body. And, they also asked for a doll body that would stretch the 17" dolls to a preemie size. Pattern "V" has both. The 17" size doll is shown wearing a preemie size one-piece, which is a very good fit. 

15" PREEMIE SIZE: These little 15" preemie babies really are a sweet size. The doll body pattern stretches the doll's body length a bit so it can wear preemie clothes (as requested by some of our customers.) 

14" DOLL SIZE: this 14" Lots to Love asian doll is another chubby style. This 14" doll body size wears doll clothes: it's too small for real baby clothes.

THE WRINKLED RUMP: All the Pattern "V" doll bodies have the wrinkled rump, which is easily stitched in with 1/4 inch elastic. This feature helps to give shape and definition to the baby's rear.

STUFFING.The doll bodies can be stiff for sitting dolls or floppy for sleeping babies, depending on the kinds of stuffing used. If you use mostly polyester fiberfill, with some beanbags for weight then the doll sits very well, as shown in the photos. If you use more of the plastic beans for fill and weighting, then the dolls will be more floppy.

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS. Basic sewing instructions are included with the pattern. We also have instructions online, with photos.  However, it is necessary to have some sewing experience/training before using this pattern. We cannot provide tech support or sewing lessons for the pattern. The pattern uses conventional sewing techniques.

COPYRIGHT  © 2002 Cynthia A. Stevens, All rights reserved. This pattern and instructions may not be reproduced for any reason, except by the purchaser for the purpose of one personal backup copy. 

HANDCRAFTED. This is a custom pattern, on large size paper. Instructions are provided.

UNIQUE PATTERN. Many hours of work went into designing these bodies. We hope you find the pattern useful and helpful. It is a very unique pattern.

OUR DOLL MODELS. The dolls used as examples are Berenguer dolls. "Dolls by Berenguer" is a trademark and copyright of JC Toys Inc. and this product is not affiliated with JC Toys in any way.