Dental Picks

$4.95 each

Dental Picks for Doll Crafts & Eye Lenses Replacement

This set of Dental Tools & Picks is useful for many craft projects and doll repair work. I use them for replacing the Baby Face eye lenses. I also use them for replacing lashes on Baby Face dolls. They're very helpful whenever fingers are too clumsy for the job.

Instructions for changing the eye lenses are on our website. The instructions explain how I use the Dental Picks to replace the eye lenses. I think the dental picks are safer than using an exacto knife for this particular project. EYE LENS INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE

Whenever you customize your dolls, there is some risk involved. Be sure to read the instructions before attempting this, so you know the potential pitfalls as well as the easiest ways to change the eye lenses. -- It is necessary for me to remind you that customizing your dolls is at your own risk.

This page is for 1 set of four Dental Picks.