11mm Eye Lenses Chips - GRAY

$4.75 each

CUSTOM 11mm EYE LENSES (Eye Chips) for Galoob Baby Face Dolls - GRAY.

These are custom replacement eye lenses for Galoob Baby Face dolls. (NOT the entire eyeball: this is for the colored lens only.) Also called "eye chips" for dolls, or doll eye cabochons. Now we can change the eye colors on our Baby Faces! These eye lenses will not fit other dolls, that I'm aware of. These are 11mm lenses that only fit Baby Face. They are an exclusive from PrillyCharmin.com.

Instructions for changing the eye lenses are on our website. EYE LENS INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE

You change the color part only: not the entire eyeball. These lenses are slightly papier-weighted which means the lens is shaped like a dome, rather than flat like the original lenses. This does give greater dimension to the eyes.

Whenever you customize your dolls, there is some risk involved. Be sure to read the instructions before attempting this, so you know the potential pitfalls as well as the easiest ways to change the eye lenses. -- It is necessary for me to remind you that customizing your dolls is at your own risk.

DOLLS ARE NOT INCLUDED. This page is for 1 pair of the GRAY Eye Lenses.