Ballerina Romper fits Baby Face Dolls

$4.95 each

Play Along Club Dolls were created by Mel Birnkrant and manufactured by Play Along (who also make the CPK reproduction dolls and many other popular dolls and toys.) There were three accessory packs for the PlayAlong Club dolls. This is the Dance Party Set, which includes a ballerina style playsuit and hair ribbons with pretty paper to make flowers for your hair. Activity instructions are included. (Dolls and kitties are not included.)

The Dance Party set is NEW. It is packaged for mail-order, so this outfit with it's accessories can be mailed in an envelope.

These outfits fit a whole lot of dolls that are usually HARD to fit: in the 12-15 inch range. They're very cute and very well made. The main romper is made with glittery pink plush knit, and the skirt is three layers of multi colors of heavy tulle netting. A sparkly star is appliqued on the front, and pretty tulle ruffles wrap around the top of the bodice.

The ballerina tutu romper is for the PlayAlong Club dolls, and it also fits Baby Face dolls as if made for them. Very cute! My 12 inch Ruthie doll can wear this dance set, and so can her 15 inch sister Ruthie, so I'd say there's quite a lot of Ruthies that can wear this cute ballerina romper. Ruthie by Horsman was made in every possible size.

Uneeda's Coquette (with the orange hair) is 16" and she can *just* fit into the outfit, mainly because she's short in the body and long in the legs.