1 Brown Puppy Toy Designed by Mel Birnkrant

$4.95 each

1 Brown Puppy Toy Designed by Mel Birnkrant for PlayAlong This cute brown puppy was designed by Mel Birnkrant and manufactured by PlayAlong as part of the PlayAlong Club series. Mel Birnkrant is the artist who created Baby Face dolls by Galoob. 

This flocked brown puppy is new, never played with. It is jointed at all four legs and neck. The tail does not turn. Floppy ears. It is approximately 4.5 inches high and 4.5 inches long: a perfect size as a pet for the Baby Face dolls by Galoob.

We had PlayAlong kittens and puppies for a long time but now the kittens are gone and not a whole lot of puppies left either. When we sell out of our vintage doll items, they are truly gone.