M.A. Nichols is a genius at writing/creating thoughts and conversations between her characters. The internal struggles of the characters, as well as their interactions, are the best part of her stories. The development of the relationship is compelling as the protagonists learn to truly know one another on more than a superficial level. Her heroines are not the most gorgeous women in town, nor are the men the most handsome. These people are not the crème de la crème of society, which is actually very refreshing. These are characters that we can relate to.

The Shameless Flirt

A rogue with a silver tongue, a spinster with an iron heart, and the doorstep baby that brings them together. This is my favorite story by M.A. Nichols.

A Stolen Kiss

A mistaken kiss. A forced engagement. Can it become something more? Lily is a chatterbox. Hatch can't share his feelings to save his life, although he has no problem with communication in any other situation. I love the unique characters in this story, and the outrageous situation that brought them together. .

The Honorable Choice

A marriage they didn’t choose. A child conceived in a lie. Can they overcome their broken dreams and find happiness in a life forced upon them? This story is more serious than some other books by M.A. Nichols. There's some very good relationship advice woven into this very compelling story of betrayal and redemption.