Lynn Austin has written MANY books and they're all good. The ones on this page are my favorites.

Wonderland Creek

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin is just a fun read. It's nearly the perfect Christian Fiction book, in my opinion, and is probably one of my top 10 favorites.

Hidden Places

This is a unique romance with some unusual twists and turns. I love when an author comes up with a story that is truly original.

Where We Belong

Two Victorian women go on an adventure and are instrumental in finding some long-lost manuscripts that have great significance. Based on a true story.

A Proper Pursuit

I can't help but love the perky heroine in this story, set during the time of the World's Fair in Chicago. Will Violet find her mother? And, will she ever know what true love is?

A Woman's Place

I think this is an especially fine historical fiction novel, that is exceptionally well written. It tells the stories of four different women who work together in the shipyards during WWII.

Wings of Refuge

Nothing in Abigail MacLeod's life as a wife, a mother, and a teacher has prepared her for what she will experience during her summer in Israel.

Until We Reach Home

Three young Swedish women travel to America. Their circumstances in Sweden were unbearable but they face even more hardships in Chicago. This book took awhile before it took a turn for the better, but ultimately I enjoyed how "all things worked together for good." A sweet story.

Though Waters Roar

Her Grandmother helped force prohibition through. Her mother is a suffragette. What can Harriet do to make a difference? She's outraged by the discrimination against women, even from her own father, and she longs to find her own purpose in life.