Restring Baby Face Dolls by Galoob:

PrillyCharmin's Popbead Method!




You will restring the Bathtub Baby Face dolls the same way that regular Baby Face dolls are restrung. And, as of October 2017, the restringing kits will be identical as well. (Primarily because of new parts; not due to a change in method.) 

  • THIS PAGE will not replace the other restringing pages: you will still use the other restringing pages because the method is the same.
  • THIS PAGE will point out some of the differences in the dolls themselves. 

Actually, restringing the Bathtub dolls is a little easier because there are fewer pieces.  

First cut the doll's cords and take her apart, and remove the pieces (as with regular BF's.) Page 3 on the menu gives some information on how to do that.

Here are all the pieces that I removed from the Bathtub doll: 

The limbs have some fat pink plugs that are glued in; I suppose they were trying to create a water-tight environment but Baby Faces are strung dolls so this was an absolutely ridiculous concept. However, it is what it is; and the strings are often a corroded mess because of it. 

To remove the pink plugs, heat the end of the limb with a hairdryer to warm it, and then pry the plug out with a flat screwdriver. You'll have to skim around the plug to loosen the adhesive. A needlenose pliers is helpful. You MUST remove the pink plugs, there's no other way to restring these Bathtub dolls; but the hole in the limb is roomy enough so it's not overly difficult if the vinyl is softened first. 

Then remove all pieces from inside the body, except for one large hip cup. Also remove the pieces from the head if you can. If you're unable to do this, then stuff the head with polyfill or clear plastic so the pieces won't rattle. Use something lightweight for stuffings, or else the head will end up too heavy for the body. BF's have large, heavy heads as it is. 

For more information on taking the doll apart, go to page number 3 on the menu above. 

String the Tubby Head

I always restring the doll's head first. Go to page number 4 on the menu above to restring the head. 

String the Tubby Arms

Due to the strange cups that *some* Tubbies have inside their shoulder holes, I've decided to use two popbeads for the arms instead of one, because the socket cups are not always usable. In fact, the holes appear to be hand-cut which is odd. Some of the Tubbies have these strange cups and others don't. The photo shows examples of both. I've never come across this situation with the regular Baby Faces so it was never an issue.

SO: just skip the shoulder cups and we will use popbeads for BOTH of the Tubby arms. This means the chest gets a little crowded, but it works OK to do that.


You can re-use the fat original plugs that were inside the arms and legs, if you want to. But they're hard to insert. You would definitely need our wood cone tool for stretching the hole: and even then it's a struggle to insert that fat plug. Much easier to use the replacement parts that are in my restringing Kits, and they hold just as well.

GO TO page 5 on the menu above for instructions on how to set up the popbead for the arms:

String the Tubby Legs

The large Hip-hole on the Tubby body is on the opposite side from the regular Baby Face dolls. So you will restring the doll's right side first (the side with the larger hip hole.)

This photo shows the copper crimp that I use to hold the cord firm against the hip cup. FIRST I crimp it with the needlenose pliers because they're easier to get into the small space. Then, when it's crimped and holding, I use my small regular pliers to pinch it even more so the crimp is totally flattened. Then tie a good knot or two and apply some elmers glue to the knot. 

For more instructions on stringing the legs, click on item 6 on the menu above.

Here's Hannah, all ready to pop together. When you push the beads in, use a screwdriver if necessary so the bead gets past the vinyl lip and is very definitely INSIDE the doll body. Then there shouldn't be any problem with the bead coming out.