MAGIC 7 ~ Bloomers Pattern for Babydolls
7 Sizes for Small to Large Babydolls


Designed by PrillyCharmin
2014 Cynthia A. Stevens, all rights reserved

8 to 10 inch dolls = XX-SMALL
10 to 12 inch dolls = X-SMALL
12 to 14 inch dolls = SMALL
15 to 17 inch dolls = MEDIUM
18 to 20 inch dolls = LARGE
21-23 inch dolls = X-LARGE
22-26 inch dolls = XX-LARGE

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1. Cut on Fold.

Cut the bloomers on the fabric fold as indicated. Cut 2 pieces.

It is easier to trace around a doll dress pattern, and then cut it out (rather than trying to cut around those teeny pattern pieces.) Your cut pieces are more likely to be accurate if you trace the pattern. I use pencil, lightly. Or dressmaker's chalk. I saw an old 1950's video showing a factory seamstress making a gown for the vintage Tiny Tears doll: she traced around the pattern pieces too!

2. Stitch the crotch seams.

Then open up both pieces and turn the right sides together, matching the double tabs. The double tabs are on the crotch seams. Stitch the crotch seams on both sides. Seams are inch. (Stitch the crotch seam first so there will be no confusion about which end is the legs.)

3. Hem the legs.

Hem the bottom edge of both legs. You can flatstitch a narrow hem, or you may want to add lace.

4. Add elastic to the legs.

Stitch elastic to the legs where indicated. (It's easier to do this before you stitch the leg seams together, than afterward.)

8-10 inch dolls = XX-SMALL = 3.65 inches
10-12 inch dolls = X-SMALL = 3.75 inches
12-14 inch dolls = SMALL = 4 inches
15-17 inch dolls = MEDIUM = 4.5 inches
18-20 inch dolls = LARGE = 5.5 inches
21-23 inch dolls = X-LARGE = 6.5 inches
22-26 inch dolls = XX-LARGE = 7 inches

I use whatever narrow elastic I happen to have. For large bloomers, I recommend inch elastic. For small bloomers you may want to use 1/8 inch elastic on the legs.

You will need to stretch the elastic as much as possible while stitching it to the fabric, because the bloomers are full.

You can use a zigzag or a straight stitch according to preference.

5. Stitch the leg seam.

Put the leg seams together (right sides in) by matching the single tabs. Then stitch the leg seam: up one side to the crotch seams, and down the other side. The legs are now finished.

6. Prepare the waist elastic.

Cut a piece of elastic for the waist. Use inch elastic for the waist.

8-10 inch dolls = XX-SMALL = 6.5 inches
10-12 inch dolls = X-SMALL = 7.5 inches
12-14 inch dolls = SMALL = 8.5 inches
15-17 inch dolls = MEDIUM = 9.5 inches
18-20 inch dolls = LARGE = 10.5 inches
21-23 inch dolls = X-LARGE = 11.5 inches
22-26 inch dolls = XX-LARGE = 12.5 inches

Or, if you are fitting the bloomers for a specific doll, you can measure the doll's waist and cut the elastic an inch or two less than the waist measurement.

Overlap the ends of your elastic piece, and stitch the elastic ends together securely.

7. Add elastic to waist.

Fold the top of the bloomers down where indicated, for a casing, and iron the casing flat. Fit the piece of elastic under the casing and stitch the fabric down, using either a straight stitch or zigzag according to preference.

Do not catch the elastic while you are stitching: the elastic should be able to slide as you work. The fabric will bunch up on the elastic as you stitch the casing down.

Stitch almost all the way around the entire waist, but leave a good inch or more open: so if you need to shorten the elastic some you can do that easily. Just pull the elastic out of the opening a ways, and adjust it.

When finished, adjust the gathers so they are arranged evenly around the waist. All done! Bloomers are very easy to make.

8. Please Note.

It is advisable to make practice bloomers first to see how the pattern works for you. The sizes on this pattern are approximate. You may want to go up or down a size depending on how chubby or slender or tall the doll is.

Bloomers are supposed to be roomy, and it's OK if they pull up over the doll's waistline.

9. Online Instructions.

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