PrillyCharmin's Fashions

My dresses were designed especially for Baby Face dolls. I was especially influenced by the Vogue designs for Ginny, and have slowly developed my own pattern and designs over the past year.

Click on each "thumbnail" below to see a larger picture of each doll.

My dresses will fit other 12 to 15 inch baby dolls and toddler dolls of similar shape, as well as the Effanbee dolls such as Baby Face, Gumdrop, and Suzie Sunshine which are a little bit taller. The dresses also fit Vogue's Angel Baby. The diapers are the Baby Face design, and do not fit all dolls.

Many of these dresses were created especially for the doll that is wearing them. I try to enhance the eye and hair color for each of the Baby Face dolls, as well as complement the personality.

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