Baby Face Character Sketches!

Suzie and her genuine tagged Ringling Brothers Show Pony do a wonderful trick together. When Suzie climbs on her pony, he falls over!! Really!

Sherri is a natural for this role... I think she's the loveliest Pebbles ever! She is wearing a genuine black suede leather diaper with ultrasuede leopard top. Very chic.

Sherri is very versatile. Here, she has donned a dark brown wig and is following in the steps of Florence Nightingale. Actually, her tiny name pin says "Tammy Gillespie, RN." Now, who is that??

A black wig seems to enhance Cynthia's quiet personality and makes her appear all the more sweet and innocent.

Suzie discovered her destiny when she was a soloist in the Christmas play.

Cynthia never remembers to ring the bell at the right time, but she is very earnest.

DeeDee will NOT let me take this drum away from her, even though it's months past Christmas.

My three littlest angels.

These Angel Face girls are Santa's helpers.

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