The Prototype Dolls

There are at least 20 Baby Face dolls that were not actually produced but we know they existed because there are photographs of these dolls. The prototype dolls can be classified in three categories:

1. New face molds that were never produced.
2. Variations of existing faces that were never produced -- but came close!
3. Variations that were apparently rejected or revised before production.

1. Five faces (heads) that were never produced.

 So Whistling Wendy and So Bossy Beverly were two dolls that almost made production. They are pictured here in vinyl with their own outfits. Wendy was a particularly lovely and unusual face.


So Whistling Wendy and So Bossy Beverly

So Naughty Nancy and the Yawning head were molded in sculpy and then wax models of both heads were also made, but vinyl prototypes never existed.

Another face: So Dashing Daniel was a prototype who never advanced beyond being a clay sculpy model. Although collectors have dubbed this head "Daniel", Mel actually had a girl in mind when sculpting the face. Mel was surprised to learn that this head was in the hands of collectors and although he admits to making it, he wishes it had been LOST, and says it is not one of his better efforts.

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby! is the name that the collectors have given this beauty. She would have been the crowning glory of the Baby Face series, with a superbly engineered jointed vinyl body and a younger baby look. She was rejected by Galoob for being too realistic. Many people hope to see her produced someday. You can read about Oh Baby and see more pictures of her by going to Mel's Photo Album of Dolls.

2. Variations of existing faces (head molds) that were never produced but may have been in serious development...

These dolls were featured in catalogs and apparently almost made the grade for becoming real Baby Faces. Black Beth, black Charlene, black Karen, black Marcy, black Sally, and So Daring Denny each had individual photos in a catalog.

You can see better photos of all these dolls at this link: Galoob Catalog.

Many people thought that Denny and black Sally were manufactured, possibly in limited quantities, because they were pictured in the Galoob catalog. The truth is that only a few prototypes were made. There may have been as many as six of each doll, but that is all.

When the Baby Face project was discontinued the dolls were given away to employees or anyone that wanted them.

The real Denny doll was made from the #8 head mold, but he has deep blue eyes and his hair is rooted with a side part -- so Denny was distinctly different from DeeDee.

So Cheerful Charlie may have been a serious contender, also. We have only one photo with Charlie in it. He may have been part of an upcoming new batch of dolls that included Wendy and Beverly.  



The authentic Denny boy dolls have special Galoob boots with stars: they do not wear white boots with hearts on them.



Black Cynthia appeared in two group photos, always wearing Sheila's outfit. Here she is pictured with some of the later issue dolls and the almost-was Denny.

Note that this Hannah has the jointed limbs, so she would technically be a prototype also. Kiscom has said that they kept one sample of every doll, so they probably have the preliminary bathtub babies that were extra jointed, also.

3. Variations that were apparently rejected or revised...

White Natalie with black hair, black Sandy, and black Heidi were actually featured on the original Galoob boxes, but we never saw or heard any more of these three dolls. Natalie, of course, turned out to be a strawberry blonde and she always wears pink shoes. Some pictures show Natalie with neon green shoes.

Sad Baby Brooke was never produced as a black doll.
She is always blonde with brown eyes, although boxes show this little cutie.

White Abby with strawberry blonde hair was printed on the second series of Galoob boxes but she was never produced: only the black doll was ever available. Also note that this Abby has extra jointed limbs, whereas the final production bathtub dolls did not. This doll's body may have been modeled after Mel's design for Oh Baby, which was far superior to the bodies that the Bathtub babies actually had in the end.

So Delightful DeeDee with red hair and wearing a watermelon suit is pictured above left. We know that DeeDee is actually a blonde with a yellow outfit. Suzie is shown with a different hairstyle in the photo above right.

It is also interesting that the two photos, above, show outfits we are familiar with -- but other dolls ended up wearing them:

  • Black Penny is shown wearing Robyn's dress
  • black Cynthia is wearing Sheila's shorts outfit.
  • Black Natalie wears Beth's dress.
  • Black Dee and the blonde Suzie are both wearing an outfit
    made from the same pattern that Kerri eventually wore.
  • Black Heidi is wearing Marci's outfit.
Surprise Discoveries! 

The little cutie-pie on the right is a Galoob prototype that was discovered on eBay as a played-with fixer upper doll.

The head was rooted by marking it and turning it by hand. The pencil marks are still visible on the scalp line. The hair is thinly rooted and the body is very loose: it's obvious someone strung her together by hand just to serve as a sample doll.

Apparently Galoob wanted to see various hairstyles on the dolls. Laura ended up with the pageboy style shown on the left, but the doll on the right is an interesting variation. She has Sandi's hairstyle.

This doll remains in my own collection.

Here is another fascinating variation doll that was acquired from a woman who had been an executive at Galoob. This doll was discovered by Dian of Dollmama's Den who purchased it and owned it for awhile.

Dian was told this boy doll is another variation of Denny. He has Sherri's face mold and is wearing a surfer type outfit of baggy shorts and shirt. The boots are completely unique: we've never seen any other Galoob doll or prototype wearing these unusual yellow vinyl boots.

Apparently Galoob experimented with several candidates for the "Denny" doll, and the #8 doll came the closest to making the grade.

It could happen...
Do you realize that - out there, somewhere - all these prototype dolls actually exist? Someone ended up with them, most likely. Possibly they were played with and discarded. Perhaps some Galoob employees hung onto them in case they might be worth something someday. It is even possible that YOU might find one in a Goodwill toy bin somewhere.

It could happen! I own one of the prototype Cuddle on Delivery dolls. He is pictured on the boxes but was never produced. I accidentally met a former Tyco employee who sent me some Cuddles. She took some of the leftover dolls home with her one day because they weren't wanted anymore. Here is my prototype Cuddle doll, the black doll on the left:


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