Who is PrillyCharmin?

Priscilla Charmin Extravagence is a cat. We call her Prilly. In her prime, she was a gorgeous example of the new Exotic breed, which is a short haired Persian.

Actually, the Exotic can be long haired or short haired, but the short hair is the desirable quality. The Exotic is usually a mix of the long-haired Persian and the short-haired Russian Blue. The preferred Exotics have a short, stocky frame, a flat face, and exceptionally thick short fur. Typically the color is gray and the eye color is a pumpkin orange, but there are variations.

Prilly was very emotionally damaged when I got her from the SPCA. I'm not sure what kind of a home she had for the first two years of her life, but it seems clear that they didn't like her. And it was very clear that she was terrified of people when she first came to live with me.

Prilly had slashed someone while she was at the SPCA, so I'm not sure why I decided to take on this spitfire. I fell in love with her little flat face for one thing. And, somehow I knew that all her bad attitude was based in fear. There was plenty of bad attitude. It took two years to win her trust, but it was well worth the effort. Prilly Charmin has been a devoted and loving companion.

Prilly is now an old, gray, fat asthmatic cat whose pumpkin eyes have faded to dull gold. But, she still feels she can rule the world as long as I'm there for moral support.

Prilly is now knows how to follow the sun spots coming in the windows. During the course of the day she can usually be found napping in one of them. And, after the sun sets she selects choice pillows. Prilly could serve as a consultant on how to take a terrific nap.

Prillycharmin is Cyndy Stevens. Ebay's Sillyprilly is her Mom, Donna Stevens. Prilly Charmin belongs to Cyndy but prefers to nap with Donna.

PrillyCharmin's Dolls

Prilly Charmin is much like her Baby Face dolls. Most of our dolls come to us having had too much experience in the world. They are dirty, disheveled, bruised, battered and worn. They are no longer in original condition. The prime of their life has been used up by someone else. What little they had in the way of material possessions is long gone. They have nothing much left to offer but the bare essence of themselves. And, for us that is enough.

It takes time to restore their worth, but Prilly Charmin's dolls have been given a second chance. They are "born again" with new meaning and purpose. They have been washed clean, restored, healed, and given new garments to wear. Our dolls have been given a second chance and the opportunity to have a wonderful second life.

Prilly, Dolls & People


There are many people who are just like our dolls and our cats. There are people who have experienced too much of what the world has to offer, and they are long past "original condition." Some of these people wonder if they have any real value left. Is there meaning and purpose to their lives any longer?

There can be. Jesus loves you. He always did. He can restore the years that have been stolen, and wash away the sins of the past. Jesus gives beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. He puts on new garments so that we can be a praise and a glory once again. And, Jesus does much more than just clean us up. He goes further than that, because He also gives us a new destiny and a new destination.

All this is available simply by asking. Jesus said, "You will seek Me and you will find me, when you search for me with all your heart." Jesus also said that He is the only way to heaven, and no man goes to the Father except by Him. Jesus was very narrow-minded about this. He didn't leave room for any other messiah or prophet. Jesus is the only one who restores lives. And here is a hint: if you really want to compare religions, then look at the music: the world is filled with Christian music of all kinds, full of love and worship for a God who is kind, powerful and caring!

If you have any questions, please send email. We will be glad to hear from you and we would be happy to discuss this further.  

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