Baby Face Dolls

This is my own collection. Many of my Baby Face dolls have flaws that would not make them appealing for resale. However, they are still beautiful, as you can see by the photos below. Only one or two of my dolls have original outfits, and this is completely intentional.

I have listed the dolls in numerical order and I've made note of the dolls I do not have. To see the entire Baby Face collection of dolls in original clothing, you can visit the other Baby Face sites on my links page.

#10 So Playful Penny, #10 So Playful Beth & #10 Black Penny as "So Cheerful Charlie" (reproduction.)

#15 So Caring Karen
Not Shown: #16 So Silly Sally

#17 So Excited Naomi and #14 So Cute Carmen
Not shown: #17 So Merry Kerri and #14 So Tender Tina

#20 Happy Baby Hannah and #23 black Becca
Not shown: #20 black Hannah
Not shown: #22 Bashful Baby Abby (black)

#21 Curious Baby Cara, #20 Happy Baby Hannah, #24 Sad Baby Brooke
#23 Excited Baby Becca in front. Not shown: #21 black Cara

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