Baby Face Dolls

This is my own collection. Many of my Baby Face dolls have flaws that would not make them appealing for resale. However, they are still beautiful, as you can see by the photos below. Only one or two of my dolls have original outfits, and this is intentional.

I have listed the dolls in numerical order and I've made note of the dolls I do not have. To see the entire Baby Face collection of dolls in original clothing, you can visit the other Baby Face sites on my links page.

#1 So Sweet Sandi and #1 So Sweet Marcy.
Marcy is missing her purple ponytail.

#2 So Surprised Suzie and #2 Black Suzie.

#3 So Happy Heidi.
Not shown: #3 So Happy Mia.

#6 So Sorry Sarah and #4 So Loving Laura
Not shown: #6 So Sorry Robyn and #6 black Sarah.

#5 So Funny Natalie and #5 Black Natalie.

#7 So Innocent Cynthia.
Not Shown: #7 So Innocent Charlene

#8 So Delightful DeeDee and #8 blue eyed DeeDee as So Daring Denny (reproduction).
Not shown: #8 black DeeDee

#9 Black Sherri, #9 So Shy Sherri, & #9 So Shy Sheila



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