Cyndy's Doll Collection

This new, built in dolly display area was a big event at our house! This area used to be the wet bar with a pass through. On the other side of this wall in the next room, is another set of shelves that serves as Mom's new library. So we each got a huge new wall unit from space that we weren't using otherwise.

This photo shows the entire wall unit. It is lighted from above,
with glass shelves so the light will filter down through.

L to R: My Ideal Whoopsie doll is wearing a handknitted outfit from Kristin in Norway. Baby Face Karen has her pink fuzzy purse but she needs shoes yet. My Barbie bubblecut reproduction in the Flame outfit is hiding in the very back. Baby Face Cynthia in pink, then my Barbie repaint in the pink formal in front. My friend Maureen did the repaint, and it's gorgeous. One of the White Balloon Helen Kish dolls is in the back row next to Black Suzie and then we have Robert Tonner's Sophie wearing a winter outfit that was made for Edith the Lonely doll. The little wood doggie pulltoy was a gift from one of the Christmas swaps. Ann Estelle as Hansel is on the far right.

L to R: Ann Estelle as Hansel, then Edith the Lonely doll with Natalie as a clown in the back. My Sylvia Natterer doll is the little blonde that's sitting, with BF Heidi in pink behind her.

Most of my dolls are dressed in Swap outfits, so the clothing is definitely part of my collection. I absolutely love EVERY swap outfit I have received: there is so much TLC in every one!! I have more swap outfits than I can display so I'm thinking of putting a cute little trunk full of clothes, on the floor.

The plush dog is Nosey from Betsy McCall series by Tonner. Orphan Annie by Tonner is my token porcelain doll, but I like her anyway. She is a Patsy reproduction doll

The Ginny doll is a doll collector too: she is holding all her ragdolls. This was a special gift from Elsiecat. My Terri Lee in the back corner is actually Patsy Jo, and she's one of the brand new "Terri Lee for Girls" series that Kmart has been selling. Beth on the far right is wearing her Easter swap outfit from Lynne.

L to R: My Fuzzy Buzzies are a Mel Birnkrant creation: those are the "bugs" in the front. Black Sherri and Redhead Sherri are hiding my redhead Olivia Reese Play Along Club doll in the back corner. Olivia is a Mel Birnkrant doll creation, too.

This particular Redhead Sherri is my first, VERY first, Baby Face doll and this whole thing is her fault: it's her fault I went on ebay and started my doll business and ended up meeting all the Baby Facers and Mel Birnkrant and it's her fault I have more dolls than I can fit in this display, because she is INTENT on rescuing all her sisters. But she looks so innocent, doesn't she?

The tan puppy is from the PlayAlong Club Friendship pack, and the skater boy with his dog is from the Avon Best Friends collection. It is Best Friends that inspired the Play Along pets. Next to the skater boy is the ballerina from the Best Friends collection, and she has a ballerina cat. The Avon toys are extremely rare. In the back row again, black Natalie is a Christmas angel, with Cynthia standing next to her in Jeanne's Retro 70's outfit with jeans and platform shoes and a little midi top. In the front row is another Sherri modeling my new Mermaid costume. On the right right is my dolly sized Energizer Bunny.

L to R: The Gerber doll is very old: it is made of rubber rather than vinyl. The head is vinyl, and the body is rubber. This doll was manufactured by the Sun Rubber company and is all original. Behind Gerber are Natalie and Suzie wearing Betty's Cowboy outfits. In front of the Cowgirls is another one of the Avon Best Friends dolls: a magician with her kitty cat helper. Betty also made the fabulous Betty Boop Carhop on roller skates. I found the tiny coke bottle for Boopsie to hold, which contains real Coca Cola.

The outrageous black cat in front came from one of the Big Baby Bratz sets. The tan kitty cat is from the PlayAlong Dance set. Baby Face Kerri and Carmen are behind the kitty, and they are wearing more Swap outfits. Nurse Suzie is another special creation from Betty. My Uneeda Tiny Teen doll is the little bitty dolly in the front: I had a similar Tiny Teen when I was a kid.

L to R: My DeeDee doll is wearing her Denny outfit and holding a REAL leather baseball glove, but she's lost her blue baseball cap so she looks more like a girl than a Denny boy at the moment. My Babbling Babies by Mel Birnkrant are in front of DeeDee/Denny, along with a few of the Oodles by Mel. Baby Face Sally is in the middle, back row with Sandi next to her. Sally is adorable in her special Swap dress, smocked by Melanie. I gave Sandy a curly perm a few years ago using the boiling water method, and you can see she still has plenty of curls.

In front of Sandi is my Baby Face Charlene and she's playing with one of the Doggy Bag Doggies by Mel Birnkrant. The doggies are extremely rare. This one was a gift from a friend.

One of the Fruit Kids is leaning against the middle pole. She was a copycat of Mel Birnkrant's Color Me Cuties: I think Fisher Price sold the molds and the Gigo company made a zillion of these little fruit kids for two years.

L to R: The pink fruit kid is on the left. Suzie in the back is wearing an outfit from Jeanne Sonnier: from one of the first Swaps that our club did. This Suzie doll is also my very first Suzie doll. She and Naomi came together, after Sherri.

The Cuddle on Delivery doll by Tyco is wearing a Garden Fairy outfit by CPK, made when Mattel owned CPK. One of the real and original Color Me Cuties is in the back, mainly because she needs the wall to lean on for support.

Baby Face Sheila is wearing a Swap outfit. I recolored her ponies using pink highlighter marker. My Black DeeDee is in the back. She is the same doll that is featured on our Oxy page, covered with black marker and ink. She's still free of all Tattoos and looks great.

The little bathtub dolly is Cara, wearing an adorable one of a kind playsuit by Georgia. Georgia said it's One of A Kind because she's not sure how she did it and doesn't think she could make it again. :) My DeeDee with Lavendar Eyes is wearing a Swap outfit from Darlene Moocow, and Mia on the far right is wearing a pale yellow organdy dress that I made from vintage fabrics.

L to R: Ah.... we're down to the bottom row. Heidi is wearing a gorgeous Christmas swap outfit from Doris. The Bumble Bee on Suzie is my prototype design for my Costumes pattern. The little red wagon is an authentic Radio Flyer wagon. One of the black Cuddle on Delivery dolls is hiding behind Laura, in pink.

The glamour girl is a vintage Horsman Cindy doll from the 1950's. The outfit is not original but was made for her by a creative seamstress. Pouty little Brooke is hiding behind Cindy's skirts. My cranky Berenguer Spinach doll is wearing aqua, and the solemn little boy on the far right is my Apple Valley Stevie doll.

Behind these dolls are all my doll books on the upper shelf... and the lower shelf is my entire collection of Cinderella videos.

I have almost 40 different Cinderellas. Disney did not invent that story, not by any means. It is an old fable that possibly originated in France in the 1700's. When the English translated the story, they mis-interpreted the words for "fur slippers" and translated her dancing shoes into "glass slippers" because the phonetics were similar. So that is how Cinderella wore glass slippers to the ball.


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