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Wax Heads
& Sculpy Heads

These are photos of All the Waxes I Ever Did, Except for the first Three! Each is shown next to the Sculpy Original from which it was cast! Every one of these wax heads were lost in the process of making the Master Mold. The only Two which might still exist (as I don't know if they were ever made into Vinyl heads) are The Yawning doll and the Naughty looking one!

Three of the photos actually show what the wax heads looked like when they arrived from the mold maker, before I re-sculpted the eyes and fattened up all the shrinkage's, etc. If you look carefully you can see the many ways these were changed, that on first glance would not be noticed.

These waxes had to be "perfect" the slightest blemish would show up on the final head. I guess your readers know how a doll head is made. But in case they don't I'll mention that the wax heads are immersed in a mild acid bath and "electroplated"! It's just like "bronzing" baby shoes!

After several days the plating is so thick, it a mold. Then the wax is melted out and "Lost". Vinyl master heads can now be cast from this mold, and all future molds are made from these vinyl heads, instead of wax. The vinyl can be melted out of the new molds the same as the wax was on the very first mold." -- Mel

#4 So Loving Laura:

#5 So Funny Natalie:

"Here's Natalie. I could see from this wax the her mouth was getting bigger from just the first shrinkage, 3% from sculpy to wax, so I re-sculpted her entire mouth in the wax to make it smaller.

Note how the finished wax looks larger than the first impression. I did fatten areas on each wax, head, but what is really happening in these photos is that the first photo is smaller, and rather than the entire head getting a lot larger, it's the eyes and mouth that have become a lot smaller in the wax." --Mel

#6 So Sorry Sarah:

#7 So Innocent Cynthia:

#8 So Delightful DeeDee

This Dee Dee shows how extensive the re-sculpting process really was, the "before and after" in the eye areas is especially dramatic. What doesn't show in any photos are the hundreds of air bubbles and other imperfections that have to be corrected in the final waxes.

#8 So Delightful DeeDee, showing the finished wax:

#9 So Shy Sherri:

#10 So Playful Penny:

#14 So Cute Carmen or So Tender Tina:

#15 So Caring Karen:

#16 So Silly Sally:

#18 So Excited Naomi:

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