"I think the Oodle pictured at the top of the page was the last one I did. This is not the best angle, but this little one is teaching an even smaller one to "walk". Is it her doll? Or is it a tiny live one? I never could decide!"
- Mel Birnkrant


Here are the original sculpy sketches for Oodles,
sitting on trays on Mel's desk:


Oodles Family #1:

Oodles Family #2:

Oodles Family #3:

Oodles Family #4:


Oodles Brochure

This is the original Trade Package for the industry on Oodles, inside were photos. LJN hired an artist to draw all the Oodles and all the drawings and poses appear here! I loved the drawings. the were far better than the sculptures turned out in the end! This boils down to the Ultimate Oodles collectors guide. The "Hasbro" item used our molds and removed the Loops, But in many cases they didn't do a very good of removing the Kiscom Copyright symbol which remains visible! The actual brochure measures 24" opened up! The bottom of the center panel formed a pocket that held the photos.

Click on these "Thumbs" to see bigger pictures
of the photos that were included with the brochure:


A Package of Oodles:


To learn more about Oodles click on this link:
Oodles Story

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