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2nd Issue Dolls

This page shows pictures of the second issue of dolls, including new face mold #'s #4, 14, 15, 16 and 17. It may surprise you to know that Mel sculpted the heads for these new head molds after Oh Baby was done! You can read about these dolls in the story of "How Baby Face Was Born."

#1 So Sweet Marcy and #3 So Happy Mia
Marcy and Mia are variations of 1st issue dolls, with different hair and eye colors. Marcy is hard to find and Mia is considered to be a rare doll.

#6 So Sorry Robyn, #7 So Innocent Charlene and #9 So Shy Sheila.
All three dolls are variations of 1st issue dolls: Robyn and Sarah have the same mold number 6, Charlene and Cynthia are both number 7, and Sherri/Sheila are number 9. These three variation dolls are harder to find than the 1st issue dolls. Robyn is considered a rare doll.


#10 So Playful Beth, #14 So Cute Carmen and #14 So Tender Tina.
Beth is a variation of mold #10, with long hair and a bright yellow pony tail (which does not show well in the photo.) Carmen and Tina were a new "Face." All three dolls are harder to find and are coveted by Collectors.

#15 So Caring Karen and #16 So Silly Sally.
Both dolls were new face molds. Sally is considered to be rare and Karen is very hard to find.

#17 So Excited Naomi and So Merry Kerri.
These two asian cuties were a new face mold as well. They are both hard to find.

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