Baby Face Dolls:
1st Issue

This page shows pictures of the first issue of 9 Baby Faces. We're not completely sure which of the black dolls were included in the first issue.

The black dolls in the photo above were never produced. Natalie with black hair was not produced although there were photos of her in the catalog and on the boxes.

#1 So Sweet Sandy, #2 So Suprised Suzie, #3 So Happy Heidi and #4 So Loving Laura

Initially we thought Laura was part of the second generation of dolls, because Mel sculpted her head mold with the second batch (Tina, Karen, Sally etc.) but even though her head mold was made later, she did become part of the first production of Baby Face dolls.

#5 So Funny Natalie, #6 So Sorry Sarah and #7 So Innocent Cynthia:

#8 So Delightful DeeDee, #9 So Shy Sherri and #10 So Playful Penny:

Six black dolls were shown in the first Catalog and were apparently part of the first issue of dolls. Although there are pictures of other black dolls, these six were the only ones actually produced (except for the 4 black bathtub babies.) #6 Black Sarah is now considered the most rare or hard to find of all the Baby Face dolls.

#1 So Surprised Suzie, #5 So Funny Natalie and #6 So Sorry Sarah

#8 So Delightful DeeDee, #9 So Shy Sherri and #10 So Playful Penny

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