~ Miss Baby Face Loralei ~

~ Swimsuit Competition ~

Swimsuit Photos: Miss Loralei Stevens wears a two piece ruffled swimsuit licensed by Xavier Roberts, as she demonstrates the art of blowing soap bubbles.


~ Photogenic ~

Miss Loralei Stevens ~ Dreaming of Hollywood

~ Evening Gown ~

Evening Gown: Miss Loralei Stevens wears a shimmering emerald silk evening gown with faux diamond rhinestone choker and matching bracelet. Miss Loralei carries a faux white mink stole.


~ State Costume ~

This is my Disney postcard! The first thing everybody wants to do when they come to Florida is go to Disney World! There are lots of other big parks too and ALL the parks are Awesome! Sea World, Universal Studios, Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, Islands of Adventure, Silver Springs and many more smaller attractions everywhere. Can you believe there are so many theme parks? People from all over the world come here.

This is my Pelican postcard! Brown Pelicans are the state bird of Florida. Pelicans like to live near the water. Florida has more beaches than anybody! I love to walk on the sand and splash in the water and look for shells!

We have the real Suwannee river in Florida! That's why it's the state song, so I asked them to play it for you while I show postcards.

There's so much I could tell you about Florida! Oranges are very important here. We have oranges and underwater caves, strawberry festivals, car racing and wonderful cruise ships. Florida is the best place for vacations. And postcards!


~ Community Project ~

Loralei is very devoted to World Peace. She believes in putting action to her passion, so Loralei has decided to send valentines to the soldiers in Iraq, starting with all the soldiers who are from Florida.Loralie thinks that if she encourages our soldiers, then they will do a good job... and if they do a good job, then they can all come home!

Loralei has an even bigger vision! She believes that valentines are the key to World Peace. She thinks if everybody on this side of the world, sent valentines to everybody on the other side of the world, and everybody ALL around the whole WORLD was sending valentines every place ELSE, then there would be so much love flying around everywhere, that nobody would want war anymore.

Loralei firmly believes that Valentines will solve all the worlds problems! So, she is doing her share to send love to everybody.


~ Quiet Time ~

Goodnight & Pleasant Dreams!

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