My Favorite Baby Face Dolls

I have said all along that my favorite BF dolls are #7 Cynthia and #9 Sherri. It is little Sherri who has been responsible for changing our lives in many, many ways. But that is another story.

Because Sherri was special to me, I saved her for last and the poor thing had to sit around in a bathing suit until I finally decided how I would make her outfit. I wanted it to be just right so it would show off her gorgeous green eyes and red hair.

This week I finished the project and I put Cynthia and Sherri together to see what they look like. That's when I realized for the first time: Sherri looks just like my best friend Janelle from kindergarten. And, Cynthia looks just like I did as a little kid, with white blond hair and blue eyes.

Janelle and I were neighbors and schoolmates and we were inseparable. Although we were only together for one year, we continued to write all through grade school until we finished high school. I have since lost track of her.

Wherever you are, Janelle Schnuckle: this page is for you and the memory of good friendships and happy childhood days.


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