Galoob Displays

The Galoob display units were sent to retail stores at no charge, to help promote sales. Mel Birnkrant says the displays were very expensive to make: possibly thousands of dollars for each display. Some collectors acquired their display units for free, or a very low price, when the dolls were discontinued. The stores had no reason to keep them and Galoob didn't ask for them back.

The Galoob display units were assembled by hand, with a plexiglass exterior, wood base, Baby Face signage and some dolls which are held in place with ties.

Sometimes the dolls are glued at the joints so they will hold their poses. The dolls in the display did not go through the final manufacturing finishing process, which means that the vinyl is not as distorted: the faces have good shape. The hair fibers are the best quality. The dolls in the display units were the BEST the factory had to offer.

There was a large display with 5 dolls. This was the standard arrangement for the 5 doll unit:

But this unit has AA Penny in it instead of AA Natalie:

The smaller display held 2 or 3 dolls. This was possibly the most common arrangement, with Suzie, Sarah and Sherri:

But there were a lot more variations with the small display units:

And, this one has only two dolls:

The display units are heavy, and therefore expensive to ship. The plexiglass cracks easily. Some of the people who purchased these displays have advised asking the seller to have it professionally packed - and be prepared to pay a price for the shipping cost, otherwise it will arrive broken.

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