How to ID an Authentic Denny Doll

For many years, Baby Face Collectors believed that the Denny doll was never produced by Galoob. We eventually learned that this doll was produced for the French market and sold as a Sacha boy doll. So, there are some real Denny dolls available to collectors, although they're quite rare.

People have asked me many times: how can we identify a real Denny doll? There are several specific things to look for.

Denny has a darker skin-tone and dark eyebrows that are thicker than the girls' eyebrows.

Denny has a very obvious side part: the hair is rooted for a side part, not a ponytail.

Denny has a lavender butt stamp.

If Denny has his original shoes, they are marked BF BOY on the bottom of the shoes.

Denny's bright blue eyes are distinctive and don't resemble DeeDee's eyes at all.

The photos I will post here show his original outfit: cap, shirt, pants, boots. The shirt has a Galoob tag inside. Apparently he had a magic heart also. I don't know what it says.

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