Baby Face Look-Alike's

Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say.
This page shows the Angel Face dolls by Berjusa,
Miss Pretty by Uranium
and the Attitoods dolls by Meritus.

The Angel Face dolls by Berjusa are 12 inches instead of 13, but the difference is all in the size of the head because their body is the same height and size as Baby Faces. They wear the same dress size, the same pant size, and the same shoe size. The Angel Face dolls do not have the extra joints at elbow and knee, and they are not of the same quality. The body is a cheap plastic, and the head and arms are vinyl. Their faces are expressive, but in a different way than Baby Face. I think they look like little gnomes. I do find them appealing and it is tempting to collect them. Apparently the Angel Face dolls do not have names assigned.  

Here are two original photos from an Angel Face box:  


Below is an actual NRFB Angel Face doll. The box shows many things in common with the Galoob Baby Face dolls. Poseable doll - feelings you can see - heart charm - "Angel" Face instead of "Baby" Face - Six expressions....... Berjusa sure was inspired by Galoob, weren't they??

Angel Face Variations

In addition to the six Angel Face dolls that are pictured on the box, we know of three black dolls and a white doll that is a variation (shown in the photos above.) We do not know if these other dolls were sold as Angel Face. All of them have the Berjusa ID on their neck.

The black doll in the photo on the left was purchased off of ebay. We don't know if the outfit is original. Probably not. The shoes are replaced. She is pictured next to the white doll with the same face mold.

Debbie, who operates the Medolls web site, says that she purchased her black doll from QVC. Debbie's black doll is the one wearing the red shirt. The outfit is original and the shirt says "Only for Kids Fashion." Debbie says that QVC sold another black doll at the same time, which she did not purchase. It did not look like the doll in green, it had a different face. She does not remember if it was sold as "Angel Face" or not.

The white doll on the far right is all original. She has freckles and the same hairstyle as one of the Angel Face dolls, but her original outfit is unlike any of the other Angels. Her face mold is the same as the sad doll. She is a variation of unknown origin. Thank you to Francine of for the photo.  

Miss Pretty by Uranium

The Uranium dolls are shorter at 9.5 inches, but the company was very obvious in their attempt to imitate the Galoob dolls. The extra jointed arms and legs, the big eyes with "real" eyelashes (cheap plastic), the starfish shape to the hands and even the diaper is just the same shape and style. She is wearing a red visor with a blue ruffle.

However, my impression of this little doll is that it is grotesque compared to Baby Face DeeDee. (The photo actually makes her look better than real life.) The expression is not sweet. The materials seems cheap by comparison. It is not very poseable at all, despite all the joints. I could hardly get it to stand up. I like the Berjusa dolls but I do not care for this little character much at all.

Here are more pictures of Miss Pretty:

Attitoods by Meritus

Meritus made some ATTITOODS dolls which are very similar to Baby Face.

The body is made of hard plastic instead of vinyl, and the shoes are molded on. Also, the fingers were changed. But the size and shape is so much like Baby Face that I wonder if original BF molds were used to create this doll. The heads are not much like Baby Face at all.

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