Ann's Custom Creations

Ann P. has made some very amazing Baby Face special creations.

The minute she heard it was possible to use RIT dye on vinyl, Annie went to work and spent ALL night making her own black Sara doll. The patriotic outfit is made from the Baby Face pattern from Butterick (discontinued.) This was her first major BF custom project and it only whet her appetite for more!

Ann made this doll as a gift for a dear dolly friend.

This is a very beautiful custom doll. Ann sold it on ebay.

Ann created this yawning look by stretching Suzie's mouth. She uses a hair dryer and repeatedly stretches the vinyl while it's hot. It takes many, many treatments, but eventually the vinyl is reshaped. I don't know how she made the eyelids.

So Yawning Becca!

These cloth dolls are made from the Butterick pattern. Ann found out they are a whole lot of hard work. They are beautiful, Ann!


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