Welcome to PrillyCharmin Dolls! We have been online and on eBay since 1998, catering to vintage doll collectors. Here you will find many tutorials on how to restore and restring your vintage dolls. 

Our online doll shop is now entirely at eBay, where we sell dolls, doll supplies, original sewing patterns, doll clothes, shoes and doll accessories. And, we sell many vintage items that are not doll-related. The link to our eBay store is on this page. 

Our specialty is Baby Face dolls by Galoob, which were made in 1990 and 1991 by toymaker Mel Birnkrant. Follow our links to read the whole story of "How Baby Face was Born."  You will find many other stories about dolls and toys that Mel Birnkrant has designed.

The delightful dolls at the top of this page were Mel's original prototypes for "Baby World Dolls," which are still waiting to be born. Aren't they adorable? You can read about Baby World if you CLICK HERE

The cutie below is our sweet PrillyCharmin (also nicknamed SillyPrilly.) So now you know where the name of our shop came from. 

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