Eyes for Baby Face by Galoob 1990-91

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BabyFace Eyes

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For Baby Face by Galoob 1990-91

PERFECT FOR BABY FACE DOLLS. These 20mm acrylic eyes are very good quality and are perfect replacement eyes for Baby Face dolls. (These eyes are NOT appropriate for Reborn babydolls.)

CHANGE THE LENS ONLY! If you prefer to change the eye lens only then you can pop out the center lens (using something sharp like an exacto blade) and this eye is a perfect (absolutely perfect) fit for the original Baby Face eyes. The lens pattern is identical to the Baby Face eye lens also with the same little "squiggles" around the pupil and the same kind of screening.

IMPROVED EYE COLORS. The colors are very similar to the original BF eye colors, especially those of the second edition dolls. This means that they are darker and richer looking than the pale eyes of the original issue of Baby Face dolls. Some people think those original eye colors were actually a mistake but the factory had to use them up before they could change them. So the Second Year dolls have better eye colors.

BLUE-EYED DEEDEE. The violet color is more periwinkle-blue than lavendar and is very similar to the blue in Blue Eyed DeeDee or Denny. Actually, there's not much difference between the BLUE eyes and the VIOLET eyes: the difference is slight. ALL our blue or violet eyes are a nice deep blue which is more attractive than the original eyes most Baby Faces were given (especially dolls from the first production, which had very pale eyes.)

POPS APART. This eye pops apart, and no glue was used for assembly because the fit is so perfect. It disassembles into three pieces: the cone shaped back, and hemisphere front and the round lens piece.

PRY THE LENS OUT. I use the straight pick from this dental set to remove the lens from the eyeball. This works especially well for removing the lens from the doll's eye. Previously, I used an exacto knife to pry with but I think this small pick works much better, and is safer. These dental picks are handy when replacing lashes on dolls, as well. In fact, these dental tools are very useful for many crafty type projects.

NO SUPERGLUE! Do not use superglue or model glue when working with these eyes because the glue can damage the acrylic or melt the lens colors. (Ask me how I know this.) I use rubber cement or a tacky clear glue such as the Alene series of glues available at craft stores. Or you may not need any glue at all if it's a good snug fit.

IF YOU REPLACE THE ENTIRE EYEBALL… I use Liquid Nails from the hardware store, to glue the new eyeballs in place. Liquid Nails is thick like putty, so you can form a seal around the back of the eye. Liquid Nails forms such a tight bond with vinyl that you'll probably never get the eyes out again.

PRILLYCHARMIN EXCLUSIVE. These eyes have been discontinued, so we bought up most of the stock when we heard about that. The Baby Face collectors enjoy customizing their dolls: we made sure these eyes will be available to the collectors for awhile longer. We have more of some colors than others.

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