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Fruit Kids YELLOW-ORANGE Doll by Mel Birnkrant & GI-GO Toys!


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Fruit Kids RED Doll by Mel Birnkrant & GI-GO Toys!

The Fruit Kids dolls are approximately 9 inches tall with vinyl head, rooted hair, fixed eyes, cloth beanie type body, vinyl hands and vinyl shoes. Clothes are removable but shoes are not. The playsets include some hair accessories as well as a CPK style pony in bright colors to match the doll. This doll is the YELLOW-ORANGE DOLL, banana scented.

The Color Me Cuties dolls were designed by Mel Birnkrant and originally produced by Fisher Price. When FP was done with them, the molds were apparently sold to GI-GO Toys which produced the Fruit Kids toy set that you see on this page, in addition to zillions of similar dolls that were unpackaged and sold loose in dollar stores at cheap prices. Because these were designed by Mel Birnkrant, they have also been popular with Baby Face doll collectors.

GI-GO made only one change: they added fixed acrylic eyes instead of the painted eyes that were on the dolls when they were a Fisher Price product. We are listing a few of the Fruit Kids boxed sets, which is all we have left of the Color Me Cutie type dolls. These playsets are unopened and perfect.