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Believe it or not the name "OODLES" came to me in a Dream! I never did figure out what it might mean. Perhaps it referred to how much money I hoped to make! If that was the case, then the dream, most certainly, did Not come true! As the Oodles dove into the great Toy Pool of 1986, they must have whispered to each other, "Don't make Waves!" As it turned out, They didn't even make a Ripple!

There's a long story to tell about how the molds for Oodles were "stolen" and used to make and sell millions of Oodles throughout Europe, where they became a "rage" and we knew nothing about it, until Hasbro introduced them here, calling them "LIL BABIES". It was the Biggest Success we NEVER HAD! But the story is too long to tell! Whoops! I Just Did!

One of the worst things about inventing toys, is that you can work for weeks on something that will never see the light of day! One of the best things about inventing toys, is that you can work for minutes on something that will feed your family [and your collecting habit] for Years! Alas, knowing that makes you work all the harder, lest you miss those few minutes, the next time they come around!

The End...


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