A is for Apple!

B is for Ballerina...


C is for Cat


C is for Crab!


D is for Doll.


E is for Elephant!

F is for Friends

G is for Gators!


And G is also for Goofy Boys!!


H is for Horsey!


I is for Ice Skating...


And I is for INSECTS!! Do you think we'll find some?

We're looking!

We found some! Nice BIG insects!


I is also for INUNDATED. (That's a BIG word.) We've been INUNDATED with PONIES!


J is for Jack in the Box! And J is for Janet who made this box JUST for the ABC story!


Oh no! J is for JAIL! This is another story, you should read sometime. :)


And, J is for JAR of Candies! Yay!!


J is for the JOY of Christmas!


Betcha don't know what I am!! K is for Koosa!!


L is for Lovely Lilacs! Mmmmmmm, they smell so GOOD!

I really like the lovely lilacs!


M is for Model Mia


And, M is for Model Sally!


Model Sally is Monkeying around!


M is for Motorcycle!


N is for Naptime...


O means we are Off to School!

P is for the Precious Pretty Princesses!


I think P is for Ponies!

Q is for Queue. Are you in Queue?

R is for RESTORE! And boy, do we NEED it!

First, a bath and eye change!

Restored Suzie is wearing REAL Tommy Hilfiger!

Restored Sherri is now Robert!

Restored Sarah


No, no, no!! S is not for Scissors!!! Choose a different S!

Ahhh.... S & T are for Talented Seamstresses!

T is for TRESSES...

And, T is for Twins on a Tricycle with Teddy Bears!

U is for Underwear...

W is for Warm Woolies in Winter...

X is for our Favorite Game!

Y is so Yummy Yummy!

Can you guess who is behind the Zebra mask?

Fooled ya, didn't I?

But why do I have to be the tail?

Because... there's no more ABC's, Sarah.
That's THE END.

Copyright (c) 2010, 2012 Cynthia Stevens All Rights Reserved